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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Homevisit Update

We had our homevisit today and Lisa, the caseworker, was right on time. Of course, she didn't mind that I was intent on taking pictures of the event. She was, as always, full of energy.
This is Lisa when she saw all of the bedding that my parents bought for Reed for Christmas. She agreed that he is set. She thought that the color of the room was really pretty too.
Lisa found our bed interesting, as most people would if they came in and saw a bed that was completely made, yet had no mattress. I didn't take pictures of me demonstrating to her that our fire alarms work properly.
She smiled when she saw our wedding pictures and vows on her way down the stairs. You would not believe the energy that this woman has. An in the end, we were approved. I took a picture of the check so that you all could know that we did in fact pass our homevisit.

After several phone calls to clarify different things today. Lisa called me to tell me that she had not only completed the homestudy, but that she had given it to the director of the agency to approve. Hopefully, she will be calling me tomorrow or the next day to tell me that the homestudy is ready to send to our agency. Then, we'll be on the list soon after that. Hopefully, there will be some referrals this month and we will get one!
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