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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The New Bed

After hearing about it for months and months, guess what? It's finally complete. The bed that was purchased months ago is put together. The mattress that was ordered several months ago has finally arrived. The duvet has been stuffed with the down comforter.
Everything is in its place. Everything, but one of the Euro shams, that is. We cannot seem to find it . It was not in the closet beneath the stairwell like the other two were, so we are a bit at a loss about where we might have put it. There is a chance that it is in the pantry, but we won't be finding that out until at least Saturday.
We've done really well this week at not eating out, in fact, we were not even going to eat out tonight. The only problem is that our friend Abbie called and she is in town. So, we are going to go eat with her at Macaroni Grill. It seems like every time that she comes into town we eat there, but that's okay with us, because we LOVE Macaroni Grill!
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