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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Some More Reed Decor

We asked Ava to work on some decorations for Reed's room. We decided that we wanted something that would work well with the bedding that my parent's got us. We also wanted to get something that we could get Peter's Pottery animals to match it. So, we ended up with an elephant, a monkey, and a giraffe.
These are going to be really cut in the room aren't they? Now, we need the pottery. We already have the elephant (Remember it is the one that we named Jay in memory of my best friend Jay.), and we have always wanted the monkey and the giraffe. My mom is going to embroidery Reed's name on sheets of fabric and that will be hung over his bed. I think that we might hang the pictures on the slanted wall, right when you walk in the bedroom. News on the other front:
1. Abbey is at handbell practice right now. She loves to play the bells and they are starting the handbell choir back at church. I was originally going to go but the the instructions were for moderate or advanced ringers. Guess who is neither of those.
2. We received an email today from one of our caseworkers saying that our homestudy was being reviewed and Lisa would be contacted if there were any changes in the near future.
3. I am supposed to be packing for my trip to Ridgecrest, but I am torn between the American Idol Premiere and Gilmore Girls. What am I supposed to do?
4. I leave early in the morning to drive with my bosses to North Carolina. I've never been to Ridgecrest either, but I think that I more prepared for the primitive nature of the conference centers.
5. I hope that I will do a better job of updating this week than I did last week.

For more info about Ava and Brookie, go to their blog. The link is on the right. She is finally updating their blog more often!
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