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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sorry, no pictures!

Sorry, there are not going to be any pictures on this post. I usually don't like to post without them, but I am using the hotel computer and they have it blocked from saving and copying. I think that we are going to be purchasing an additional laptop (actually, I am hoping for a MACbook) in the near future, because Abbey and I are both finding that we are needing the computer at the same time.

Today has been great. We had an excellent camp meeting this morning. Everyone was excited about the theme that I chose and the events for each day. It was very encouraging. Then, we went to Sabine Creek (, where the camp will be. It is really nice.

I believe that Abbey wrote most of the day. At least, that is what she was supposed to be doing.

I had supper tonight with my good friend Todd, and then we went to pick up his wife Caroline and their son Hunter. He is the tallest four-year-old I have ever seen. He has lots of personality and is very sweet.

I am most excited about tomorrow as I will get to meet my favorite author Calvin Miller. I brought the four books that I have that he has written and might purchase a couple of more.

I also thought I would put a link to Ben and Bethany's blog on the link side of the page. They are in Taiwan right now and they have a beautiful daughter Violet whom they are adopting. She actually told us about the program and we are going to get our kids together for playdates!
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