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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Baby Stuff and Hey Santa

Yesterday, we were a little lazy, so we had a pretty slow start to the morning. We woke up, got out of bed (eventually), ate breakfast, and then we cleaned out the pantry. I made several trips to the dumpster.
Those of you who have known us for a while, know how many times that we have moved. First it was the apartment, then our house in Brandon, then the trailer in Texas, now the house in Tennessee. All in five years. So, with that many moves, you would think that we have been through the things in our pantry several times. We found quite a bit of food that had expired, including some that expired in 2002. Abbey thinks that Wal-Mart has been selling us expired food.
After we cleaned the pantry, we went to look at baby furniture. Our friend Abbie told us about a website called NexTag. It tells you where the best price is. We went to Babies R Us and found the bed. It is a white spindle Jenny Lind bed. We wanted something to have a more vintage look since we have the bedroom furniture that my mom had when she was a little girl in the nursery.

After we got home we NexTagged the crib and found the same bed at for $20.00 less. I found the glider and ottoman that we wanted at Posh Tots and then NexTagged it. We found it at for $400 less than at Posh Tots! That's insane! Use NexTag!

Now, for the funny story! We had supper last night with Danny, Michelle and girls at Genghis Grill. (Sorry, no pictures, the camera battery was charging!) After dinner, the girls and I were walking out of the restaurant. This older man with a bald head and a full white beard was holding the door for us. Cate, very unassumingly waved and said, "Hi Santa," and kept walking. It had to have been the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was hilarious!

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