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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out with the Old ...And in with the New

Quish, spewsh, pashhuish, quuuuiisshh, chuggy, chuggy, sissss. Those were the noises that we heard as we got out of our car last night at 9:30 PM after enjoying supper and a visit with the Sprinkles.

I knew, without a doubt, that the noise I heard was coming from the water heater. For several months there has been a slow drip in the water heater. We kept meaning to have someone come and look at it, but it seemed rather minor. Anyway, the water heater breathed its last yesterday and so it was time to call in reinforcements. Abbey teaches with a lady whose husband works as a plumber. We called and he got the information about our water heater. He came about 7:30 tonight and replaced the unit.
Now, we have nice new water heater and hopefully, in the morning we will have nice hot water!
Of course, timing on the water heater going out could not have been better. Tomorrow is the home visit and I was not excited about not having hot water for the case worker to feel. Now, that is not to worry and you can see from the picture the house is vacuumed. I can really only take credit for vacuuming the bedroom and the stairwell. Abbey worked really hard getting everything clean. She did a phenomenal job!
Jill, a lady that writes with Abbey sent us a care package with a notebook that she titled "Things to Do While You Wait for Your Baby Kit." She and her husband adopted 2 children and she knows all the thoughts and feelings we are going through. Each month we have a different gift. This month we got journals that we can give to Reed to tell him about the process.
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