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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Special Surprise

I love surprises. I also love to surprise Abbey, however, those of you who read regularly know that she is almost impossible to surprise. It is not really her fault, except for the fact that I think I must emit some chemical whenever I am planning on surprising her. Her body then receives the chemical and causes her to obstinately go against any type of activity which might aid in the surprise.

Last night I came home and directly went to "my spot". That's the couch in the Living Room, until I get my leather chair (one day, a long, long time from now). Abbey came in and gave me a little leopard print box (rrrgg!). I opened it and inside I found not only a gift card, but an appointment already made for a massage.

The day of the massage is the very first day that we will be living "outside the fish bowl. (meaning, my first day not working at the church)." Although it's sad to not be working at the church, this is one aspect that I will not miss.

So, if you have something stressful to tell me, make sure that it is not next Friday. That is the day I plan on RELAXIN'! I should probably surprise Abbey with something. Oh wait, I already feel the chemical spreading throughout my body. My phone will be ringing soon with Abbey trying to divert any surprise. I guess I'll just have to get her a present and not try to surprise her.

There will be no picture today as blogger will not load the image of a fish in a bowl for me!
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