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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sick Computer

I have been working on my computer so much that my hair has grown long and white. Well, not really, but I have been working on my computer. It seems that something has happened to it and it will not connect to the internet.

It is getting a full signal. We even had our neighbor Adrian come over and he was completely stumped by it after 2 hours of trying. He knows a lot about computers. so it was crazy that he couldn't figure it out. He recommended that we call in the Geek Squad.

So, that's what I did. I called them in. They are supposed to be coming in tomorrow to fix our computer. It will be expensive, though. Apparently, geeks don't come cheap.

Abbey has been the one that is really paralyzed by our computer situation. She does not have access to a computer during summer school, so she has not been able to check email in almost a week. I am a complete email junkie, so that would be really hard for me.

I went to see my office today. I am afraid that my frogs which I packed up yesterday in a big box will be staying in the big box for some time. Abbey has refused at this point to allow them any entrance into our home other than hanging out in the garage. I will take a few special frogs with me though. What would my office be without frogs?

My office is on the 8th floor and it has one full wall of windows. That is exciting. It has a beautiful view. It is fairly small with only one set of book shelves though. I am not sure what I am going to do with all of my books. Oh well, I guess that it will help me declutter right? I won't have time to read anything extra anyway. I will always be reading what people are writing for Sunday School.

I do have an ultra cool Mac for a computer. The only problem is that I have never used a Mac before! I have someone who is going to train me!

I was going to try to put another picture up, but it would not load! Sorry!
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