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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Door Flower

Sorry for the delay in today's post. Considering it is 12:30 AM, I guess it is really tomorrow's post. However, I have some exciting pictures to show you tomorrow, so I am going to consider this the post for 62306.

This is our summer door arrangement. Our florist, Sherry did it for us. It really looks great on our door. Her instructions were to only put REAL looking "silk flowers" in the container.

I think that she did a really good job. Now, our door is all dressed up for summer.

Abbey is out of town helping her sister pick out her wedding dress, so I am home alone. Today I mowed the yard (it was in desperate need of some TLC), then I had lunch with Abbey before she left.

I came home and painted a piece of furniture the in-laws gave us recently. Then I started working on our bathroom. It is going to be RED! Can't post a picture right now, because it will require multiple coats. Which begs the question, why does a paint manufacturer feel the need to put on the can "one coat coverage?" I mean, seriously, has anyone ever painted a room that did not require a second coat?
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