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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Our Date With Cate Part 1

Our date started today with giving Cate's parents their anniversary present. Today is their 8th anniversary. We gave them a Cheesecake Factory gift card and some Crabtree and Evelyn things. After the old folks were gone, we decided that we would go and look for a Cate a new cat. We went to the Nashville Humane Society where we checked out their cats. There were several there, Cate and Abbey really liked Babe the cat.

In the end, I could not make a decision so we delayed getting Cate a cat (which by the way would have to live at our house). After we arrived home, Cate was dying to go swimming. So we changed into our trunks and headed to the neighborhood pool.

Cate had a blast at the pool. She enjoyed walking up the steps and back down them. Any time that we would spin her around or throw her up in the air, she would immediately follow with "do it again."

Please excuse the picture of me without a shirt on. Notice, as soon as I got out of the pool I put it back on. We were beginning to get hungry for Chick-Fil-A, so we get ready to leave the pool.

Chick-fil-A was yummy, however right before we ate, Cate had a little accident. She had to eat in nothing but her shirt and pull-up. It did not seem to phase her though. After we finished with supper Cate played briefly in the playhouse, until a mean 5-year-old scared her by revving the engine button on the plastic truck.

Control your eagerness, I am going to have to finish posting on the next one.
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