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Monday, June 05, 2006


1. Clean Garage: Done (even put an oscillating fan in the front of the garage like our super cool friends the Spickler's. It actually helps keep the air from becoming stagnant.)

2. Pressure wash the deck and seal it: Done (although I borrowed a friend's paint sprayer today and finished the lattice work. It took a lot less time, but it had a drawback. Now there are speckles all over the siding. I am assured that there is some chemical that will make it come off.)

3. Mow and weed-eat the yard: Done (and in the process I got to look at some pretty flowers in my yard. Also, I was mowing at the same time as my neighbor (the one that always blows his grass clippings in front of our house in the street :( He smoked ac cigar the whole time he was working on his yard. Now, that's talent! and he didn't blow his clippings to our house-front.)

4. Straighten Kitchen: Done (sorry, no pictures)
5. Do the laundry: Almost Done (Abbey says that the laundry is not done unless everything has been folded and put away. I am going to finish that up right now!)

6. Pick up my lady: Will be there at 8:00 AM in the morning with bells on (Boy, do I miss her when she's gone!)
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