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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ode to a Moose

Vacation Bible School is almost over and I am tired. I am doing a little laundry right now, while watching "Gameshow Challenge". What a weird show!

The other night when we were decorating we had an extra inflatable moose. Because I don't like to do things in the normal fashion, simply putting him in the sanctuary would not do. So, with Martin on one side of the cat walk and Tony on the other, we devised a plan to hoist the gigantic moose into the air.

Using some brown yarn we lifted the moose high into the air. The moose flew into the air and has been there ever since. It is really interesting as seen in the picture above.

The other gigantic moose has stayed nestled in some trees by the baptistry. He is wearing a VBS t-shirt. A XXXL t-shirt that is.

Now here's a poem about the mooses (or is it meece?)

moose, moose so brown and tall.
did someone buy you at the mall?
inflatable mooses are so fun.
they don't grumble when they run.
we found them in clear plastic wrap.
i'm so tired i might take a nap.
where or where did the moose come from.
it's from lifeway for vbs dumb-dumb.
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