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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Will You Pray?

We are working through our paperwork, and things are going really well so far. We have a few prayer requests.

1. Pray that our case will be heard by the courts in a quick manner.

2. Pray that Nash will adjust well to living in the orphanage. I think that he is going to a foster home soon. Pray that God will give him a easy-transitioning heart.

3. Pray that Reed will be able to make the transition easily. We had an amazing experience with Reed, and we firmly believe that it was because of so many people praying. We need the prayers doubly this time.

4. Pray for our financial wisdom.

5. Pray for our strength as we work through the process. Pray for our understanding as there are so many papers that need to be notarized, certified, and then verified.

6. Pray that the floodwaters will recede. The floods have prevented our homestudy agency from being open and therefore our caseworker has no idea that there are papers that there are adjustments that need to be made to our homestudy. Thankfully, we have been able to get the list of adjustments and have a sheet prepared for her.

(these little toys are some goodies that Reed picked out for Nash.)

7. Pray for our agency and our workers. It is the most organized and best communicating agency we have ever been in contact with. We still love our old agency for all that they did for Reed, but this agency is amazing in terms of communication.

8. Pray for Will. Pray that he will grow, love, and attach to the people who are caring for him.

9. Pray for Nash and Will's medical records check. We have an appointment with our pediatrician on Monday.

Thanks for your prayers. We firmly believe in the strong hand of God and His ability to make seemingly insurmountable tasks just tiny little blips on the radar. We thank Him and give glory to Him for our family.
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