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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vacation Day 5: Hot Summer Day

It must be a boy thing, but I just love digging holes! So, today, I was digging, digging, digging, and realized that I could probably fit down in it.

So, I asked Abbey and Uncle Bill to bury me in the sands, with only my head and feet out.

Oh my goodness, look how gray my hair is!!!!

Reed thought that it was really funny that I was buried up to my neck in sand.

Have I mentioned how much Reed LOVES the beach. I think he could totally live out there in the sand. We also saw dolphins today. They were really neat to watch.

It was really hot today. It started early. It was great. We got down to the beach a little after 9:00 and got back to the condo for lunch a little after 12:00.

We took naps until around 3:30.

Reed didn't like the sun in his eyes, so he wore my hat.

After we ate supper tonight, we went to scope out beach houses. We're thinking that our beach trip with Pop and Lola might get a little cramped in the condo that they normally rent. There are some beautiful beach houses around here.

We pulled into a few of the houses that we liked that also looked unoccupied.

After we got home, I checked the Web site for the one that I liked the most. It was beautiful and completely loaded with amenities. It had private beach access within steps of the back door and three levels of balconies.

It was $5000 a week. Oops, I don't think we'll be staying there.

Tonight we went to the Original Oyster House for supper. It was yummy. We are not eating out a lot, so we have to be sure to go to our favorite spots.

Reed did a little self-portrait taking while we were at the restaurant.

After supper, we took Reed to his favorite spot in Gulf Shores ... The Purple Octopus.

Reed was REALLY excited to see his buddy.

Reed just absolutely loves octopi for some reason.

The purple octopus got a new paint job since the last time we were at the beach.

Here he is looking up in awe at his buddy.

It was getting ready to storm outside when we got in from eating, so we decided to just stay in and watch "The Biggest Loser".
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