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Friday, May 14, 2010

Vacation Day 1: Hotel Fun

The other day we were on our way home from work when my carpool partner Trudy asked me when we were leaving to go to the beach. I told her that we planned to leave on Saturday morning. She suggested that we leave on Friday since we anticipated that we could leave work early on Friday.

I liked her suggestion, so I checked my hotel points and had enough to get us a room along the way. I found a room in Birmingham, so we booked it. That means tonight, it's Reed, Abbey, Uncle Bill, and I in a small, but well-appointed hotel room. The good news is that it was totally free because of my points.

Uncle Bill told us about a place that was called the Irondale Cafe that was really great home cooking. The place used to be called the Whistle Stop and has lots of Fried Green Tomatoes memorabilia, and serves fried green tomatoes of course.

We went and it was delicious, but Reed was much more impressed by the train tracks that were right outside the restaurant. Thankfully, they had a great area that you could stand and watch the trains from. There were plenty to watch.

Reed loves trains.

I think Reed thought that his vacation would be perfect just to sit and watch the trains all day. I am not sure that I have seen anything keep his attention like those trains did.

He wanted to know all about the trains. He was sure that he saw Ben and Percy and Diesel, but they didn't have their faces on.

He was especially excited when one of the engineers blew his whistle and waved at him.

Tonight we went to Wal-Mart and bought Reed his first pair of flipflops. He wanted red which is no surprise to anyone who knows Reed well at all. He loves red.

We'll take off in the morning headed towards the beach! Woohoo!
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