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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What We've Been Up To!

I am sorry to say that this blog is not going to be overly exciting. We got home on Saturday night and pretty much vegged out. We went to church Sunday morning and then Sunday night we went to church at First Baptist Church in Joelton. That's where I was on-staff as children's minister. They had a wonderful Children's musical.

Monday, I was watering the plants and our yard with the sprinkler and Reed asked if he could play in it. Although I guess that I should clarify that Reed actually asked to play in the "sprinkUler".

Britton came over and then the rest of the Batson family came over and ate supper with us. We had grilled hot dogs. It was nice, but Brandon and Tamara might not have thought so much of the meal because it was their seventh anniversary.

Tuesday was our regular Chick-fil-a dinner and we enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken sandwiches! We came home because we were really excited about the Biggest Loser finale.

(PS - Reed likes to line up his trains.)

On Wednesday, Reed and Abbey went to the zoo with Tamara, Britton, and Paityn. Abbey fixed some really good pork bbq in the crock pot and then she and Reed went to church. I have designated Wednesday nights as yard mowing evenings, since I don't have to worry about Reed running outside of the house.

Tonight, we had dinner with Brea to get ready for consignment sale tagging and that was nice. Uncle Bill graciously agreed to spend the night with our family and come to keep Reed while we were there.

And after all that, we can say for sure ... Thank Goodness tomorrow is Friday.
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