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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vacation Day 6: A Little Toasty

We finally remembered to bring Reed's sunglasses to the beach with us today. It hasn't really mattered, because he usually won't wear them for very long.

I guess that the sun must have really been bright because today he didn't have any issue keeping them on.

We are thankful to have a nice selection of umbrellas which we sit under most of the time on the beach because we don't want to get too toasty.

However, today, we all got a little "crabby" red. Not terrible, but we all had a little more color when we came in from the day at the beach.

We all slept late this morning which was really nice. After pancakes and bacon we sunblocked up and headed to the beach.

Today at the beach we saw 4 stingrays. That was pretty cool. I get really excited when I see things that you can normally only see at your local mall. (For our readers who are not Nashvillians, we have a stingray petting zoo in one of our malls ... odd, I know.)

Sometimes, Reed is sitting in the beach playing in the sand and doesn't realize there is a big wave coming up and it surprises him so much. Thankfully, I had the camera just ready to snap when this one happened.

There were some guys on the beach today who were digging this humongous hole. Reed was not all that impressed, but Uncle Bill and I were.

Uncle Bill was a good ecologist today and got a plastic bag out of water. I can't believe people would throw that into the water. Tacky.

Reed had a blast playing on the beach today and he was completely exhausted when we came back in for lunch, nearly 1 hour later than we have been coming in.

Unfortunately, after showering and then eating lunch our exhausted son was in no mood to nap.

I tried and I tried, but he just wouldn't go to sleep.

So we decided to go to the pool where Abbey was reading a book.

The pool is great because it has a HUGE wading pool area. It is great for Reed.

After the pool, we decided to go to Dollar General because we didn't have any microwave popcorn. While were were there, we decided to buy fixings for our third batch of rice krispy treats for this trip.

After DG, we decided to head a little further down the beach to check out some of the beach houses that Lola and Pop might want to rent for our fall trip. We had NO clue that there were so many options for houses here. They are so cool with their different colors.

We were amazed that Reed was able to stay awake during our tour of the beach house area.

When we got home, we had poppyseed chicken and then put several loads of laundry in the washers. Reed went to sleep early, but oddly enough, he still had a little fight in him.
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