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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just What Have We Been Doing This Week?

Tuesday, we did our normal Chickfila. It was great as usual. There weren't any kids in the playland which meant Reed would actually go in there. The only way that he will normally go in there when there are kids there is if Britton is there.

Reed had fun though.

After we left, Reed and Abbey went over to Britton's house for a little while because I had my monthly Board meeting for the HOA. Most of the board members didn't show up, so we didn't actually meet.

We stayed over at the Batson's for a little while until the bugs started eating me and we came home. Has anyone else noticed that bugs are really biting big time this year?

We came home and watched Biggest Loser and got a few things ready for our adoption paperwork. We are hoping to send everything to the agency tomorrow.

Today, Abbey and Reed woke up and went to a local strawberry patch. I think they had a good time picking strawberries. If they didn't you wouldn't know it from the number of strawberries they picked!

I wonder how many Reed ate in the field? (PS - the pics in this post were taken with our point and shoot, not our nice camera. AND - Abbey didn't realize that the lens was blurry.)

They picked 3 pounds of strawberries. Now, why in the world would a family of 3 (temporarily) need 3 pounds of strawberries. Leave it to Miss Homemaker Extraordinaire to have a great idea.

She made freezer jam and put up several quarts of strawberries for pretzel salad, strawberry cake, and strawberry cobbler.

Strawberries fresh out of the garden are so yummy. I finally had to quit eating them!

I love that Abbey does fun and unique things with Reed. They get to have so much fun together. I am sure that it will be really interesting when she is trying to manage 3 of them, however, we are thankful for the time that she was a nanny to 4 boys to get some great experience.

Really fresh strawberries don't have dies to make them look ripe like the stores do. Fresh strawberries from the garden are red naturally!

Tomorrow Abbey and I are going over to Bethany Christian Services to get a few papers signed and to pick up our notarized homestudy. We then have to get quite a few papers notarized and then we have to go to the county clerk to get the notary verified and then we have to go to the Secretary of State to have the county certified! Crazy!

Have I made your mouth water yet?

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