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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vacation Day 2: Getting to the Beach

Reed woke up this morning around 6:30 and said "I'm done sleeping now."

He was ready to get to the beach. In the 4 hour drive that it took us to get from the hotel that we stayed in last night to the beach, he probably asked "Are we going to the beach now?" about 300 times.

That doesn't count the last hour that he was asleep!

As soon as we got to the condo, Reed wanted to go to the beach. We had to unload the groceries and unpack first though.

As soon as we got to the pier leading to the beach, Reed literally started running towards the water.

Don't be jealous of my straw hat. I need all of the light out of my eyes!

Uncle Bill, our resident kite flyer, did his part to get the kite into the air as quickly as possible.

Last year, Reed was really timid around the water. This year, it's a bit of a different story.

He eventually got the kite HIGH in the air.

Reed enjoyed running from the water.

And into the water.

And me chasing him from the water.

And Mama chasing him from the water.

He also enjoyed destroying and semblance of a sandcastle that we could make.

We're so thankful that Uncle Bill brings us along on his beach vacation.

Abbey wrote "Will and Nash" in the sand in honor of our boys.

Reed would have never done this last year.

He ran like crazy. It was hilarious to watch him play in the water. He even enjoyed the "wittle" pool that was his size near our condo.

There is some sort of little "shellfish" that washes up on the sand in a shell and has a little finger that digs its way back into the sand. Reed loves those things!

Reed loved destroying Uncle Bill's creations.

He is definitely a beach bum.

And adorable beach bum!
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