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Saturday, May 01, 2010

2 ... 3 ... 5????

Jane and I (Abbey) spent the day together on Thursday (my birthday). I made the comment that I was going to post on facebook as my status: "Dear Adoption Agency, It's my birthday, and I know it's not really possible, but I'd love a referral today, k? Thanks" We laughed and then Jane made a comment about her patio furniture being delivered too (which was ordered in early Fall and still hadn't arrived). We laughed, and moved on.

Jane and I picked up Reed from Mother's Day Out. She was dropping us by the house when my phone rang. Jeff: "Remember what you wished would happen on your birthday? Well, it might. The adoption agency called, and there's a possibility of a referral. It's a little different, and I told them I had to check with you to see if we'd consider it." I'm thinking, why would we even have to discuss it? Maybe because the possibility of having a new child just doubled!?

Fast forward: We are talking with one of the very helpful adoption agency people. She explained the situation to us. We were shocked. We promised to talk with to each other and get back to them as soon as possible. Really, we didn't have anything to talk about, we just didn't want to seem silly to the adoption agency!

We are now the proud parents-to-be to Nash Fisher, born March 10, 2o08....and another little boy named William (we will call him Will) Arthur, born April 29, 2010 - that's right, he was born on my birthday! Yes, our world has been rocked, but in a very, very good way. We are so excited about our family, and so blessed by what God has done for us!

So, don't get used to the picture above...because there will soon (hopefully in 4-6, or faster if God chooses to prod the judge) be 2 more precious, beautiful, loved Taiwanese boys added to the family. We cannot wait to share pictures, but we aren't sure if we are allowed to do so yet. Jeff is checking with the agency to confirm we can post them. If you know us well enough to have our email address or can find it, we will share our pictures with you via email.

P.S. Jane's patio furniture arrived as well. Apparently I was speaking things into happening on Thursday! 
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