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Monday, May 03, 2010

monday at landlife

it's late and i am tired, so please forgive my lack of caps.

today was an interesting day as the governor of tennessee and mayor of nashville encouraged people to stay away from downtown. lifeway was open, so i still went to work. seeing some of the flood waters with my own eyes was a bit surreal. we are really blessed to live in a town that has been spared most of the the midstate's natural disasters in the past five years.

reed didn't enjoy a weekend full of staying in, but he did enjoy the fact that lola and pop were here. today, he was dying to go outside in to his backyard.

after nap, reed was thrilled to get to go outside. he, of course, went worm hunting as soon as he got outside.

the boy loves worms and bugs. he is so going to love teaching his brothers all about worms and bugs.

tonight, abbey and i have been working on our adoption education. it is a little odd, as we have already completed one international adoption, so many of the things we have "learned" about we have either experienced or didn't experience at all. i must say that our adoption of reed was incredibly smooth. we can pray that this adoption would be only half as smooth and we would still be amazed. but, we can trust God that He will make all things right.

tonight, the batson's came over to hang out for a little while. i think that britty was getting a little cabin fever as well.

paityn was looking especially adorable tonight as well.

we are continuing to pray for our little boys over in taiwan and appreciate your prayers too. we are unclear about the photo policy, but it looks like we are not going to be able to post photos on the blog. we might not be able to do "flat" boys, or we might have to blur their faces.

pray also for the people who have been affected by the middle tennessee flooding.

we are blessed.
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