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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vacation Day 7: A Different Routine

We've been trading up breakfast cooking duties the past couple of days. Uncle Bill fixed some pancakes one morning.

Reed has enjoyed being silly while in the condo. Because I got much more sunburned than I thought I had, this morning we went to the outlet mall for a little respite from the sun.

We got some great deals at the GAP outlet. It has been the longest time since I have shopped there.

Abbey caught this cool shot of a raindrop hitting our balcony the other day. I love the beach houses in the background.

We got a few great pictures of Reed and Abbey this morning.

And a family picture.

And a couple of good ones of us.

Mr. Silly in his Tow Mater underwear.

Reed enjoyed the snack of choice for the week, "Ice Krispy Treats."

Our boy looks good in all kinds of light.

So beautiful. However, he did not take a nap AGAIN today!!!

Tomorrow we are taking a clock down to the beach to make sure that we get him back in time for naptime. He is very much into his routine.

We did go to the beach late this afternoon. Here are our flipflops all in a row.

Our condos.

The absolute cutest beach bum ever!

I have no idea what this picture is about, but isn't this wonderful?

Today was the first day that Abbey brought her nice camera down to the beach, can you tell?

Some other people built a fortress.

Reed has eaten a lot of sand this week.

Uncle Bill flying his kite.

I can't get enough of that smile.

Until tomorrow ...
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