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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Stupendous Saturday

Today was Britton's Third Birthday party! It was a ball, literally.

Reed's favorite people were there like Tate Tate Roller Skate, Lake, Cooper, and of course, Britton.

Reed loved the fact that the party was full of bats and balls!

The boys hit the balls and played with bubbles.

On the adoption front, we've been working hard to get everything done. We have completed the education requirements. Our caseworker has been out of the office this week here in Nashville because of the flood. Thankfully, she was back in the office on Friday, so she's already been knocking out the stuff that we need to get done.

Abbey worked on our transition plans today and completed them. We've got TONS of papers to get notarized this week. They have to be notarized, county verified, and state certified. A bit overkill in my opinion, but then again, who asked for my opinion.

Reed continues to grow in his excitement. He has stopped calling the room formerly known as "Lucy's room" and has started calling it "Will's room."

He has been finding things to send to Nash and mentions him quite often.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so we know that in Taiwan there are two birthmothers who have changed our lives forever.

Their willingness to let us parent their children has allowed Abbey to realize one her greatest callings—being a mom. She's the most amazing mom. I am continually amazed at what she is able to accomplish.

We are going to eat lunch tomorrow at home and then we are going to eat at Famous Dave's for supper tomorrow night to celebrate Abbey!

I told Abbey that we could do whatever she wanted to do tomorrow. She really hasn't asked for much, just supper at FD. That's perfectly fine with me, because I love that place.

We are really excited about this coming week.

Because next Saturday, we're going to the beach with Uncle Bill. Everyone should have an Uncle Bill!

(Jodi and Adele are both expecting little girl's. Will is going to have a lot of little girlfriend's to choose from.)

We are going to the same condos that we stayed in last year with Uncle Bill. We loved the place because it is not really busy and it has 5 pools and there is hardly anyone on the beach there and because all we do is eat, sleep, rest, and lounge. Totally a vacation.

I love that kid! Even when he refuses to take a nap (like he did today!).

This post has been a bit random, I know. Sorry for all of the jumping around!

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