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Sunday, March 01, 2009


Q: Where do we shop for groceries?

Kroger, Aldi, and if we have to buy a whole lot and are willing to fight the crowd, Wal-Mart. We wish we had a Publix!

Q: What is Aldi?

Aldi has mostly generic brands of food, you have to pay a deposit of $.25 to use the carts (that would be the lock that Reed is holding), you have to go there first to see if they have some of the things you are looking for. They also don't give bags for your groceries.

Q: Where did Reed get that great mat?

We went yesterday to Babies R Us, Target, and finally the Parent Teacher Store to find this mat. Reed is being promoted to the older class at MDO so he'll need a nap mat.

Q: Where does Reed get his cute personalized shirts?

Aunt Ava made the one for his birthday and the colorful one from fabric scraps. She may be willing to take orders. Let us know if you're interested. Enna is making Reed some cute monogrammed outfits too.

Q: Does Reed help clean as much as it would seem?

NO! He loves to mop, 'weep, and doo dah (vacuum), however, very rarely is the room cleaner after he is done cleaning!

Q: Does Reed talk a lot?

Yes, almost constantly. His favorite things to say are "Uncle Bill," "No Mollie," "Britty," "Chocolate Juice," "Uh Oh, broken Bajoo," and "Lub you Bajoo." Wait, how could I forget "Elmo" and "Mimi" (Mickey Mouse)?

Q: Where was the missing camera?

It was in the diaper bag!

Q: Is Reed a righty or lefty?

Lefty, most definitely.

Q: Does Reed have a favorite friend?

Of course, Britty! And, Britty is moving across the street from us! His daddy is a builder, so you know the life of a builder's kid! Well, his daddy bought the lot across the street. Abbey (as Reed calls her - Britty's mama) says this is the last move for a while though.

Q: Will the slide move outside this summer?

Probably, although, Reed is on it right now. He loves that slide.

Q: What do Reed's diapers smell like?

See picture above.

Q: Why are the boys holding their shirt up?

Last night they decided that it would be fun to play while holding their shirts in the air. Don't ask me! They are silly!

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