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Thursday, March 12, 2009

RIP: Land Macbook

You read the title correctly, our beloved Macbook has bitten the dust. Apparently, unbeknownst to us as to how, it came into contact with some moisture which got to the motherboard.

So, in the midst of Abbey working right in the middle of a major writing assignment the computer was fried. She called me, near hysterical, from her favorite writing spot, Two Tricias on the Square.

I immediately told her to bring the ailing Macbook to me at work and we would take it to the MacHospital to see if we could at least perform a Mactransplant of the harddrive.

Thankfully, the Macassociate recognized my Macagony and she quickly took the ailing Mac to the Macrepairguy. He was able to get the hard drive out and it was not long before we pulled her hard-worked-for files off the old hard drive.

We were so Macthankful that we headed to McDonald's for a little lunch. The only Macissue is that now we have to buy a new Macbook. Well, we're actually going to buy a Macused Macbook. Of course, this comes at the best time while were in the middle of Macdave's Financial Peace University.

So, there's the total Macstory.
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