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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sick Boy

If you follow the status updates on our facebook pages, you know that Reed has been sick the past couple days.

He has not been really sick acting, but has had a bad fever. Yesterday, I had to leave work early to go and pick Reed up from school. Abbey had some commitments for the day, so we wasn't able to go and get him.

We got him an appointment at the doctor for later in the day. We came home and Reed went to sleep pretty quickly.

We took Reed to the doctor and he had almost 105 fever. The doctor was obviously concerned and ordered a bunch of tests. Thankfully, he didn't have the flu or strep, but he did have a slight bladder and ear infection.

The doctor gave Reed a prescription for some strong antibiotics which Reed has taken willingly.

His fever finally broke around midnight last night, however, Reed's mood has been really touchy today.

Apparently the side effect of the medicine is a bad mood!

Right now, the mood seems to be subsiding though!
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