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Friday, March 27, 2009

Mississippi Skippy

We're in Mississippi. I had to teach a conference last night and it was at the church that we went to while we were in college and first married.

Aunt Ava came over to see Reedy.

Abbey, Reed, Manya, and Ava toured the new facilities of our former church. They are very nice.

Uncle Brookie and Aunt Ava had supper with Abbey and Reed last night while I taught the conference.

Uncle Bill came with us to Jackson, so that he could see where Abbey and I grew up.

It has been an action packed day of memories.

Enna (my mom) and Reed had a blast today.

They went to Enna's school and visited all of Enna's school friends and students.

They saw Enna's principal, Dr. Bowen.

Then, they went to Chuck E. Cheese's. That's good, because we have NO plans of ever taking Reed. That's something he can do with grandparents!
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