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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

we're back

Well, after a brief sabbatical, we are back online in the Land home! We are so thankful that we started Financial Peace a few months ago, so we were okay spending the money right now. It's a great feeling to know that you have cash in case of emergencies.

We followed Dave's advice and didn't buy immediately. We shopped around and found the best price we could on a Mac. We were able to find a Macbook that was used, but had been completely refurbished. We ended up getting one for way less than half of the original price, plus it is completely updated with the latest operating system.

Reed is on Spring Break this week from MDO. Abbey is super thrilled that Reed has Spring Break. Catch the sarcasm there please.

He has been eating some oatmeal so that he will get really strong.

And since the weather has been SO very beautiful, he has been spending tons of time outside!

He loves to go to the park.

Play ball.

Hide under trees.

Behind trees.

Just about anywhere!

Plus, he's been looking extra cute!
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