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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cousin Love

Today, we went on a worldwind tour of the little town I grew up in.

We then went to Kosciusko to see cousin Joshi, Uncle Bobby, and Aunt Aly. We also went to see my Papa in his nursing home.

We came home and dropped Reed and Joshi off with Enna and Poppy.

Then we went over to eat at hibachi restaurant.

We are glad that Reed and Joshi were able to spend so much time together. It was especially great that they were able to spend time with there grandparents.

Joshi and Reed had a good time.

Reed loves his Poppy.

Reed read Joshi a book.

Reed loves his Uncle Bobby and Uncle 'Rae (Trae).

... and Aunt Aly.

I love my little niece.

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