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Friday, March 20, 2009


The title of this blog may make you think that we are on some far away trip to the mountains or the beach. I don't know why it would, because all it says is vacation. We're really just over at Uncle Bill's house because Abbey needed a break from our house for a while.

Tonight we were able to meet Thom and Lynn who are potential adopting parents from Taiwan! Reed, of course, put on a show! I think we are getting into the squirmy wormy stage where it's going to be a lot easier to eat at home! Thankfully, he wasn't fussy, he was just full of personality.

Reed is currently sweeping Uncle Bill's floor with a dust mop. I have never, EVER seen a child who has such a fascination with cleaning tools.

Reed, Abbey, and Manya went to Target today and they put this flower head on him. I am not sure if I like to see him wearing this hat, but of course, he is cute in it.
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