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Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday All Day!

Reed woke up this morning and had to read his favorite book. The title is "Everywhere in Mississippi." It has a lot of the towns in Mississippi listed. A man is traveling all over Mississippi looking for his dog Skippy. Reed refers to the book as "kippy".

Reed has a new game of pretending to be asleep. It's pretty cute.

Of course, it doesn't take much to make Reed happy!

After they were dressed, they came to Nashville to have lunch with Uncle Bill, Kay Kay, and me.

Abbey had to come and buy some VBS stuff and Reed needed to come and visit my office.

They came home and Reed took a nap while Abbey cleaned up a little bit.

Abbey went and worked out and Reed and I cleaned upstairs.

We had chili for supper and then Uncle Danny came by to visit for a little bit.

Reed was excited to see him.

Now, Reed is watching a little Elmo, while we take our FPU class.

It's 6:46 and we've all showered and got our PJs on! I think that's a new weeknight record for us.
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