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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Play Me Like a Drum

Today Reed was in a new class at MDO. That's why we bought him his new mat. He liked his new mat because it has balls on it.

Reed's new teacher, Mrs. Kim, said that Reed had a great day.

Abbey was, of course, amazed when she walked into the room and Reed was asleep on the mat along with four other kids on their mats.

That kind of tells you that Reed, the cute little boy in the photo above, can play his Mama and Daddy like a drum.

And he does it with the face above!

Reed has discovered his stool that Uncle Dent, Aunt Myra, and Cousins Matt and Laura gave Reed is actually useful for things other than taking the letters out and hiding them from us!

It can actually help you get into the bed, but he took off running, and yes, he runs to the door. He rarely walks, but nearly always runs.

Uncle Bill usually spends the night on Tuesday nights. Reed LOVES Tuesday nights, because he LOVES Uncle Bill.

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