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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three Days of Posts

First, let me apologize for two days of no updates!!!

It was not intentional. The first night, I was in the process of blogging and the internet went out. That's not really surprising with comcast in our neighborhood!

Then, last night, I fell asleep, which is really not surprising. But, for those of you who have asked about my sleep study a couple of weeks ago, I finally got the results. I stopped breathing 56 times and almost stopped breathing 170 times. Therefore, it looks like I have sleep apnea. So, I go to the pulmonologist on the 23rd to see what the next step is.

Reed has had a happy few days which has been so wonderful. I cannot say that night-time has been as sweet. Unfortunately, Reed has been waking up a good bit during the night. He varies who he asks for between, Mama, Daddy, Britty, Bill, and BB.

Despite the fact that he is not sleeping well, I am still amazed at how much fun he is to parent. He is such a joy and is so happy. It is a blast to play with him and watch him learn.

He can now say about anything. So, the time has come that we REALLY have to be careful what we say and do!

This week's most popular word is "angel."

As usual, Reed has woken up happy, but we are expecting a really tough event in the future. The tough event that I am referring to will be happening in about 3.5 years. It's called "kindergarten." Yes, he is quite hard to wake up!!!

Like this morning, while I was trying to wake Reed up for 15 minutes, I finally had to take his paci out and sit him up to get him to wake up.

This morning we had our Sunday School parties for the kids we teach. Abbey and Miss Wendy combined their class with mine and Miss Candace's class.

We fixed breakfast at church and then we all went to Wal-Mart and shopped for a family who needs help with Christmas toys this year. So, I had the boys group and we had two girls groups for the three siblings.

We came back and we wrapped the presents and then played some games.

It was really nice to see the kids so excited about buying presents for those who couldn't afford them otherwise. The kids were very generous.

After the party, we headed to Brentwood to spend the afternoon with Bill. He fixed supper for us and then we headed out to view the Christmas luminaries in the subdivisions in the area. It was really beautiful.

This was the most decorated yard that we found.

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