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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Christmas Celebration

Reed went to bed last night saying, "choo choo" and "balls". He loves his Christmas present from Bill.

We have picked up the balls and put them in the choo choo about three bazillion times today. It was fabulously fun! Thanks Bill!

I am sure that he is going to be thrilled to show Britton his new toy.

At naptime, he was not thrilled with the idea of having to give up his choo choo. He took two of the balls with him which he constantly "accidentally" threw off the side of the bed. Then, he would respond with "Uh oh" and want to pick them back up.

This afternoon, Reed and Mama decided to look and see what all of his Taiwanese brothers and sisters from other misters.

First, there was Kobi.

Then, Hannah Claire, who is going to be in her Mommy and Daddy's arms very, very soon! See the link to the right!

Next, it was Megan.

And Holly.

Reed thinks we need to have a Taiwan Family Reunion in Nashville! Anyone is welcome and we would love for you to come!

Tonight, Danny and Megan brought Reed his Christmas present. It is an Elmo chair.
It talks and spins!

Reed loves it!

The best of both worlds.
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