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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Came to See Reed!

Last night, we went to church and had a wonderful Christmas Eve service. It was a really nice service and Reed and Britty were very well-behaved through-out the service which included communion and candles!

After the service we headed to Oma and Papa Ferland's (Britty's Grandparents) for their family Christmas Eve dinner. We are so blessed that they chose to include us as part of their family.

They even got us some presents! We were not expecting that. After Brandon and I boxed each other on the Wii that Oma got for Papa, it was time to come home and for Reed to go to sleep!

Reed woke up around 7:30 saying, "Ho, Ho, Ho!" We came upstairs to see if Santa had come. When we got up here, we found this:

It certainly looked like Santa had come!

Reed was amazed!

He began tearing into the first present!

A wooden truck with a lift that he could pick magnetic blocks up with.

We finally convinced him to open up another present which had blocks in it!!!

He needed to stack the blocks on his new table for a few minutes before moving on to the next present.

A Choo-Choo!!!

Reed loved his choo-choo!

When we got him to quit playing with his choo-choo, he opened a "puzzle" that moves!

Next, he got a stacking toy that he REALLY loved! He kept going back to it the entire time.

Santa thought Reed would really like the barn and stuffed animals, but Reed didn't seem interested in them.

Next, it was time for Reed to open his stocking!

It had crayons, stamps, balls, and cars.

Then, Reed rode his cars on his new rug.
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