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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at Pop and Lola's

While we were getting ready to leave for Pop and Lola's, Reed sat at his new table and stacked blocks.

When we arrived at Pop and Lola's, Reed was thrilled to see that Reed's favorite Reindeer was laughing and singing.

Soon, it was time for Reed to open up his presents!

But, Reed decided that he wanted to head back over to the reindeer!

Reed likes to sit in his rocking chair when he visits his grandparents.

Pop makes sure that it is held steady so that Reed doesn't fall over.

Reed got pretty excited to open up this present when he realized what it was. A broom and mop that is his own size!

Now, Reed can vacuum, sweep, and mop just like we do!

The mop and broom also work as weapons.

As Pop found out.

Then Lola tried teaching Reed how to play the recorder.

Reed was a little tentative about that.

It was hard to get Reed to open up his main present (a Portable DVD Player) as he was busy holding his mop.

Pop tried holding Reed down.

Then he tickled him trying to get him to open his present.

Finally, Reed took a break in his rocking chair.

Next, Reed looked at some new books.

Despite the look on his face, he was really interested in reading this "Baby Einstein" book.

And the Elmo Pillow book.

And back to "Baby Einstein".

Next, it was the truck.

Then, Pop opened his present from Aunt Ava, Uncle Brookie, and all of us.

We're going to Aunt Ava and Uncle Brookie's tomorrow for the Drake Christmas.
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