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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Day at Enna and Poppy's House

Reed and Joshi woke up playing and having fun.

Is this not the sweetest little face in the world?

Excuse my bad hair and look at my sweet niece!

Reed looks a little scared in this picture with his Uncle Bobby and cousin Joshi.

Look what happens when Enna and Poppy are in charge. Reed plays in the kitchen behind their backs!

We all went to church this morning, but Aunt Aly had to go and finish out the books for her old job. We are so glad that she finally has a job in the same town that that live in!

Reed looked everywhere for someone to open his candy cane. He asked everyone in the room, but got no help.

Until he remembered that Poppy was in the room. BINGO!

Joshi and her daddy posed for a pic.

Uncle Bobby loves Reedy. We sure wish that Uncle Trae could have been home for Christmas this year!

Reed loved on "Blackie," Enna's stuffed puppy dog puppet.

True to his normal self, Reed had to do some sweeping! He loves to sweep.

and talk ... Man does he like to talk!

Reed taught Joshi how to sweep and use the dustpan. She sure is lucky to have such a smart big cousin.

"I'm the king of the world!"

Isn't it amazing how God brought Reed to our family? Just think about the joy that he has brought to our entire family, all of our friends, and many blog readers.

Reed loves to play on the big wheel that Enna and Poppy have at their house.

He might be a BMXer one day.

Or at tractor driver.
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