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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas with Bill

Britty came over and spent the day with us. Since his grandaddy has been in the hospital, he has been staying with us on Mondays instead of his grandmother. Since I am on vacation, we were all at home together including Bill, who is also on vacation and came to spend a couple of days with us before Christmas.

Since Bill has to go to his family's house in Georgia tomorrow, we had our Christmas together tonight. Abbey cooked Poppy-seed chicken and then we opened presents.

Yes, in the picture above, that is a bow flying!

You may recall that last year, Reed had nothing to do with his presents as far as opening them, this year, however, it is not the same.

He is a present opening machine.

He loved what his Uncle Bill got him for Christmas.

A "choo choo" ball pit. We're not going to tell him that this particular "choo choo" has a name.

After Reed opened his presents, he had to help his Mama open some presents.

Then, he helped Bill open his presents.

Bill got me a Vandy sweatshirt, and we got Bill some Vandy gear including a Vandy sweatshirt.

Here are the three guys in their Vandy shirts!

Then, Bill was the lucky guy that got to "blow up" Reed's choo choo.


So, tomorrow, we have plumber coming in order to fix our upstairs toilet. Bill is going home and we are going to finish getting ready for Christmas!
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