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Saturday, December 27, 2008


This morning, we woke up and Reed had some delicious sausage balls that Aunt Ava baked.

Uncle Brookie helped Reed practice his Michael Jordan moves.

We went to eat at "Cock of the Walk" came home and relaxed, then it was time to head to Poppy and Enna's house.

Aunt Aly was excited to see Reed.

Reed was excited to see more presents.

Joshi and Reed discovered that Poppy and Enna had gotten them some Christmas presents.

Reed loved the slide that he got.

It was a lot of fun.

Reed and Joshi played on the slide.

Enna had fun, too.

Reed also played with his remote control CAT tractor.

Poppy is feeling a little "cruddy" so he was quiet.

Enna got Britty a Christmas present, but Reed was too busy with his slide to hold it for a picture.

Enna made Abbey an apron.

Christmas is so much fun with kids.

Joshi and Reed had a sucker.

They loved them.

Then we went to check out Enna's playhouse. Her new "sewing" room behind their house.

It is really cute.

Then we had to go and see Papa in the hospital.

Reed and Joshi rode in the wheelchair.

Reed was so sweet to Papa.

Unfortunately, Reed and Joshi couldn't go back to Papa's room, so we had to take pictures at the door. It was hard to see Papa in poor health. Reed was so sweet to him. He gave him knuckles, a five, and said, "Lub you." Of course, I had to pass Reed off and go to the prayer room and regain my composure.

Remind me to make sure that my brother OPENS his eyes in the next picture!

Joshi and Reed had a blast playing in the waiting room.
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