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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Scribbles

Reed woke up really early this morning. 6:30! It was way to early for us. We fixed a can of cinnamon rolls and got ready for the day. Abbey is planning a rehearsal dinner for Tamara's brother and we had to go buy some groceries for the event.

We first hit Target and then headed to GFS Marketplace. It is a bulk food grocer that you don't have to have a membership too. It was really nice and clean.

After a bite at Chick-fil-a, we came home and Reed and I took a nap. After naptime, we played a while before it was time for Abbey to go to work. Reed got a little restless, so we decided to go and use some coupons I had that were expiring soon. We went and bought 5 bags of Chex Mix at Kroger for 2.00 after all the coupons, and then we went to Walmart. We bought some Glade plugins, Febreze plugins, and some razors. I also had to buy some Sunday School things. All-in-all, we used $27.00 in coupons and spent $5.00 OOP at Wal-Mart and now our house smells nice and fresh!

Now, Reed's asleep, Abbey's sleepy, and we're about to go to bed!
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