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Monday, September 29, 2008

Beach Vacation Part II

Reed was always excited to see Britton while we were at the beach.

The boys loved seeing the sand and using their shovels to dig the sand.

Reed, of course, put us all to shame with his amazingly beautiful skin and the awesome ability to soak up the sun. Britton has very fair skin, so it was hard for him to understand why Reed didn't have to wear a hat.

We ate some really good seafood while we were in Alabama. Fresh seafood tastes so much better than frozen! You can always tell a difference. Of course, Tamara and I found an incredible CVS and scored some really good deals. I even found Reed 4 plastic balls for 10 cents each.

Reed enjoyed putting sea shells in the a bucket and then dumping them out. Then putting them back and dumping them out, then, well, you get the picture.

Reed felt very comfortable on the beach and didn't seem to mind going far from us. He also spoke to all of the passerbys.

For lunch yesterday, we headed to Lambert's (Home of the Throwed Rolls). It was good, but it wasn't exactly what I expected. I expected to see rolls flying in all directions, and it was really like that. They were good though.

We looked at a couple of the shops in Foley and Reed was completely tuckered out!

That's the face of a boy who had a great time!
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