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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh the Places He Will Go!

So, the title says it and this picture proves it! Reed decided to sit in his drum today! He will pretty much go anywhere he thinks he can. The tighter the space the better!

Reed and Abbey got to come eat lunch with me today at work! Of course, we invited Kay Kay, Uncle Bill, Klista, Jan, and Debbie to come and eat with us as well.

Reed didn't forget his personality, that's for sure! He was full (of himself) of personality!

He is such a cheeser!

After lunch, my family came to visit me in my office. Seriously, I am not remembering that they were in my office very long. They were visiting everyone else!

Reed even grew some big ears!

Now, we're going to bed! We're really excited because tomorrow after work, we're going on vacation!
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