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Monday, September 01, 2008


Tonight, we went with the Batson's to supper and then we decided to stroll down to a CVS that was nearby.

As we walked in, I noticed a lady loading the counter with huge boxes of "Flavor-Ice" Popsicles. They were 75% off. I looked on the side to see that you got $5.00 back on each box.

The lady was intent on buying all of them, but the clerk offered to call our town's CVS to see if they had any. They had six boxes, so I asked them to hold them.

We got to CVS and I let Tamara have two boxes, so I bought 4 boxes of the Flavor-Ice for $3.75 each and I got $5.00 in ECBs.

I used a $2.00 of 10 and then used a 9.99 and 3.00 ECB. I owed $.01 OOP and got $20.00 back! I also bought 5 packs of Goody's for 1.29 each and got 1.29 back for each one!

I was thrilled.
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