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Friday, August 11, 2006

Some Things Don't Mix

I've been quiet long enough. I have a problem. You may have the same problem, or you may be the offender. I am sick and tired of going to the loo, and someone being on the phone somewhere in my remote vicinity.

I mean, does anybody out there really want to talk to someone while they are "taking care of business?" I know for sure that I don't. And now, things have gotten much worse. With the advent of bluetooth technology, people can pee while talking to their earpiece. That can really through you off if you don't see the earpiece. You might think that the person is talking to you or you might fear the person is a schizophrenic and he is talking to his different personalities.

On the last occasion that I encountered a person talking on the cell-phone while answering nature's call, it was a dude who was trying to smooth things over with his girlfriend. He was trying to calm her by saying, "Don't cry, it will be alright." FLUSH, "Baby, I love you." SOUND OF SINK TURNING ON, "I've got to wash my hands, talk to you later, love you." Now, let me ask the question, do you think you know when you are talking to someone who is, let me see, multi-tasking?

If you think that perhaps it is appropriate to talk on the phone while doing your business, please contact me, and I will try to further help you see how it is not only RUDE, it is not hygenic. Posted by Picasa
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