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Sunday, August 06, 2006

All Ironed Up and Ready to Go

Last night, Danny, Michelle, Carah and Cate, came over for dinner. Carah and Cate have grown about 12 years since last year. They immediately wanted to go outside and swing in the hammock. They had lots of fun. It was a good time. Carah is displaying her new Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox that we got for her first day of school. I think that she will enjoy eating lunch from it. Cate really enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies that Abbey baked. Notice the little chocolate smudge to the left of her mouth.

Cate wanted to know where the other Jack was, to which Carah replied, "Cate didn't you know that Will died?" Apparently we neglected to tell Cate that the other Jack had passed on to that Cat paradise in the sky, or at least he is resting in peace behind our house in the woods.

In an attempt to be more efficient, I ironed our clothes for the week today. Now, all that Abbey and I have to do in the morning is grab our clothes and put them on. There won't be any need to get out the iron this week. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep this up. Abbey said that she would do the laundry if I would do the ironing.

Somehow, Abbey broke the hooks off of two of the hangers. We are hanger poor, so it really hurts the situation when they get broken. You would think that hangers are expensive, since it seems nearly sinful for us to go to the big W and buy some new ones.
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