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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Pack of Marlboro's and a Manicured Lawn

I came home from work and immediately changed into work clothes to mow our yard. In case you have not been out this week, let me tell you that it is HOT! Not just a little hot, but really hot. I was soaking wet when I came in from mowing the yard.
You might be intrigued by the title of this post. If you have talked with Abbey lately, you know she sounds like a 5 pack a day smoker. She is coughing up whole lungs. I am pretty sure that she has been smoking behind our backs for a long time. Well, actually, the doctor told her today that she might have pneumonia, but right now she just diagnosed it as bronchial spasms. She has LOTS of drugs as you can see below. I am looking forward to her taking the cough syrup. According to the doctor, I will actually get some sleep tonight if she takes it!
You may recall the painting of the deck a while back. Remember I borrowed a friend's paint sprayer. Well, after everything was dried and I went back on the porch, I saw that I had a splatter problem. Unfortunately, the splatter ended up on the siding. Does anyone out there know how to get it off? I'll try anything that I have not tried already. Where's that high-pitched oxiclean guy when you need him. Maybe I need to wake up early on Saturday morning and watch all of the infomercials and surely there would be a solution that I could use!
Until tomorrow! Goodbye! Posted by Picasa
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