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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Workin' at Home

Since Abbey cooked supper, I did some of her schoolwork. I typed labels and printed them for her. I even filed them neatly into a new file. Abbey has gone on an organizational marathon. She has been filing and planning for several days now. She is working on her schoolwork now, as seen below. I think that she would be a really fun teacher. She said that her students have already voted (in their words) her as the "coolest teacher." She replied, "I don't really care." Now, how caring is that for a compassionate teacher. I think she did not want to seem like she was flattered. She's got to keep her game face on, right?
As for me, I had a great day at work. I had a presentation to some people and they really liked my ideas. I can't tell you all about it right now, but it is REALLY cool, believe me!

It is really stormy here in Springfield. The rain has really been coming down. We had a delicious "super" supper and now were are watching Big Brother All-Stars. Posted by Picasa
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