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Friday, August 04, 2006

Abbey's Adventure

Okay, so I promised to let you in on my adventure yesterday. I had heard about this place called Super Suppers and had actually been in one with my Mom and sister. Since school is starting soon - MONDAY - I thought I'd take advantage of some extra time and visit the store in Franklin. I know, for some of you, you think Franklin is a long drive, but sometimes I enjoy the drive and the time it lends to thinking and pondering.

Well, after Jeff helped me select six entrees, including Salmon de Provence, Glazed Honey Pork Chops, Beefy Campfire Pockets, Stuffed Braided Bread, Asian Grilled Flank Steak, and Citrus Chicken with Peachy Pineapple Glaze, I sent in the information. On Thursday morning I began my adventure. For those unfamiliar with Super Suppers, you arrive, they hand you an apron, and you get started! Each recipe is displayed at "station", where you follow the directions, preparing either a full entree (six pieces of meat), or two half entrees. You have the freedom of adding a little more of the ingredient or none at all. The best part? No dishes to clean! No extra ingredients left over to waste. It was so much fun! I walked away with 12 entrees, including leftovers for lunch the next day. Technically, I walked away with 12 dinners and 12 lunches from leftovers!

Needless to say, I'm pumped. If you know how much Jeff and I eat out, it could easily take the rest of the year to consume all this food. However, we are desperately trying to turn over a new leaf and spend more time at home, eating at home. It was something very different from my normal schedule, which, considering I don't really have a normal schedule, perhaps it WAS part of my normal schedule, and it was productive. I always love being productive. Who doesn't?

We'll have to let you know how the food tastes once we actually cook it (I only say "we" because Jeff may have to grill. I've never actually learned how to turn on the grill.). You'd think I'd have used one last night, but for some reason it didn't cross my mind. We ate at The Depot. Tonight we're going to celebrate our anniversary, but I'm hoping Saturday night will find us at home sampling my latest creation.

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