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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Don't Tell Me What to Eat

I've been talking to a lot people lately about Krystal's hot apple turnovers. I love them. They are so great. they are like the old aplle pies from McDonald's. My beef is not with Krystal though, it is with McDonald's.

Who were they to decide that we should have a baked apple pie? I mean, if people really wanted to be healthy, would they honestly be eating at McDonald's? Oh yeah, I know there are people who get their fruit bowls and their salads, but think about it. If you cut an apple or fix a salad at your house, how long does it take for the apple to turn or the lettuce to wilt? Amazingly, McDonald's "healthy" menu is so healthy, that their foods last forever. My point is this, there are so many preservatives in the "healthy" stuff that it is probably not healthy anymore. So, why can't I have a friend apple pie from McDonald's?

Oh well, I am thankful that Krystal has not decided to force me to eat "healthy" apple pies.

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