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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jeff's Anniversary Surprise

I love to collect paintings and fine art. Problem is, I don't really get a lot of it. A while back we went to Loveless Cafe' with our friend, Mr. Spickler. There was an art gallery in the shopping center and we went in. There was a beautiful acrylic painting that I loved. The artist did all of these abstract floral designs with bright colors.
Abbey got me one of the paintings and here it is. I was totally not expecting it. That was a very thoughtful gift. I think.
I also got a couple of other pictures. These look like photo's but they are real mini-paintings. You would not believe the detail that the artist used. they are made to look like actual photographs. They are some of the cool places in the area that we have been to or see regularly. The one below is this amazing bridge on the Natchez Trace.
Our anniversary was great. After we at, we went to a place called "All Fired Up" and we painted pottery. Abbey painted a candy dish for her class and I painted a picture frame to put a collage of our fifth anniversary in. Then, we went to Shake's Frozen Custard for a little dessert. We had a blast.
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